Considering Boarding Your Puppy at a Kennel? What You Need to Think About

Sometimes it's necessary to travel in a hurry, particularly when it's work related. If you have a puppy, and friends or family members are not able to take care of him or her, you'll need to consider a dog boarding kennel. Not all boarding kennels will take puppies, so you might need to ask around to find one that can accommodate your needs. Even if a kennel is able to board a puppy, you need to check that their facilities are adequate to ensure that the dog is safe, healthy, and perhaps that even socialisation and training can continue.

4 Signs of a Substandard Cattery

Choosing a cattery can be a difficult task. You'll want to feel confident your cat is being well looked after in a safe environment, and while there are many reputable catteries out there, there are also some shoddy ones. Before choosing a cattery, visit as many as you can in order to gain a good understanding of how they operate and what's on offer. During your visits look out for these four warning signs: