4 Signs of a Substandard Cattery

Choosing a cattery can be a difficult task. You'll want to feel confident your cat is being well looked after in a safe environment, and while there are many reputable catteries out there, there are also some shoddy ones. Before choosing a cattery, visit as many as you can in order to gain a good understanding of how they operate and what's on offer. During your visits look out for these four warning signs:

Bad Smells

Don't expect a cattery to smell like urine or faeces just because it's home to several cats. A good cattery will keep each individual bay and the surrounding areas clean at all times to prevent the spread of illness. If you can smell urine or faeces despite not being able to see any, this can indicate the cattery is not always kept as clean as it is on the day of your visit.

Signs of Stress

Despite a cattery being a new environment for most cats, it's not normal for them to display signs of stress once they've settled in. If you witness cats displaying any of the following signs of stress, it's a good indicator that's something's amiss with the standard of care delivered by the cattery:

  • Excessive grooming to the point of licking themselves raw or developing bald patches
  • Fully dilated pupils
  • Hissing, shaking or drooling
  • Whiskers and ears flattened back
  • Stiff body as if on edge and ready to pounce
  • Excessive meowing

Unwillingness To Show You Around

You should be able to see every part of the cattery when you visit including the individual bays, food storage areas, hand hygiene stations, and cleaning records. If staff seem evasive or unwilling to show you certain areas of the cattery, take this as a red flag. A good cattery will be happy to show off their facilities and answer any questions you have.

Slack Registration Procedures

Ask cattery staff what their registration procedure is and how they check cats are suitable for boarding. A good cattery will have strict registration and admittance policies and be happy to provide you with a copy. A substandard cattery may have a loose policy that they seem vague about, which widens the margin for error. You don't want your cat boarding with sick cats or cats whose vaccinations are not up-to-date, so look for a cattery with stringent policies and good organisation.

Knowing what to look out for when visiting a cattery like Blu Ice Cattery will aid you in choosing a home from home for your cat that operates to the high standards you'd expect.